Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yixuan is in Primary 1

As Yixuan is a year-end child, it seems like it takes ages before it is turn for her birthday to come. As such, we always felt that her "speed" of turning older is slower than the rest. (Of course, Yixuan will be glad that she turns older than others later when she is much older)

Well, our baby is finally in Primary 1.

A few weeks have passed and we can say she fitted into the school environment and the routine very well. She is also able to manage her activities and time maturely. Routine stuff like packing her bag at night and doing her homework assigned... she actually does it without being told.

Oh.. so our baby is no longer a baby. (thumbs up for Xuan)

One of the best thing is she will come home to teach us like how her teacher teaches her. She will also rely things that her teacher mentioned. Such as "My teacher said this way of writing is good, you first say why you like the story, then say what the story teaches you, then say one funny part you like. This way of writing very good".  Eh... not bad... we also get to learn how to write a Big Book Journal now. Thanks to our Yixuan teacher.

好好加油哦, 怿萱, 你行的.

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